Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry
Tips from Our Readers| Volume 126, ISSUE 3, P453-454, September 2021

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A technique for making maxillomandibular records for a distal extension removable partial denture by using a fast-setting polyvinyl siloxane material

Published:September 18, 2020DOI:
      Making maxillomandibular records is an important step in the fabrication of a removable prosthesis. Typically, this is accomplished by using a record base and occlusion rim to support the recording material with the patient in centric relation. The fabrication of a record base and occlusion rim takes laboratory time or requires a second chairside appointment.
      The following technique describes a single appointment method of evaluating a removable partial denture (RPD) framework and making maxillomandibular records of a distal extension framework by using fast-setting heavy-body polyvinyl siloxane (PVS) material to create the record base, occlusion rim, and the actual record.
      • 1.
        Evaluate the RPD framework and verify the seating of the rest seats and tissue stops on both the definitive cast and intraorally.
      • 2.
        Seat the framework on the definitive cast and reverify complete seating. Apply fast-setting PVS material (PerfectIM Systems, 30 Second Blue Velvet; J. Morita Corp) on the distal extension portion, making sure the material goes into the lattice to provide retention and stability of the record in the framework. Apply sufficient PVS material to reach the height of the occlusal plane.
      • 3.
        Trim the set material by using a scalpel blade (Bard Parker #25; Keystone) to establish the shape and height of the occlusion rim. Make sure the occlusal portion remains 2 mm below the occlusal plane (Fig. 1).
        Figure thumbnail gr1
        Figure 1Occlusal view of polyvinyl siloxane occlusion rim created to make record on distal extension removable partial denture.
      • 4.
        Reinsert the framework in the patient’s mouth and verify the seating and occlusal clearance of the PVS material. Make the record in centric relation by adding additional PVS material.
      • 5.
        Remove the record, rim, and metal framework in 1 piece from the mouth, trim accordingly, and verify the record (Fig. 2).
        Figure thumbnail gr2
        Figure 2Mounted definitive casts with trimmed maxillo-mandibular record made with fast setting polyvinyl siloxane material.